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Nickelodeon Short!

2016-02-09 14:51:03 by gene-goldstein

Hey Newgrounds!

To any of my fans that have been curious about what I've been up to, here's a big announcement!!

My animated webcomic Planet Panic is gonna be made into a short by Nickelodeon!


I landed a job at Nick exactly a year ago, and not long after had my short picked up. I've been working hard on this thing with a small crew of awesome people and I can't wait for everyone to see it!

Much love to my fans for supporting me all these years, and a big ol' sloppy THANK YOU to Tom Fulp for letting me host my dumb flash cartoon on here for so many years!

Finally, to any young animators hoping to "make it": Just keep working hard and making rad stuff and studios will notice!


Twitter: @genegoldstein

Tumblr: genegoldstein


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2016-02-09 15:23:08

Congrats on the Nickelodeon deal!

In the NG Flash Portal History for 2004 I had said, "Hyperboy introduced us to the 15 year old Gene Goldstein, and reminded everyone to never underestimate younger artists." It's awesome to watch you GO GO GO!

gene-goldstein responds:



2016-02-09 19:24:43

I wish I could write I'm working on. Look for it in 2017! WHOOP whoop!

gene-goldstein responds:

Yeahhhh I know how it goes :T


2016-02-09 19:30:35

Congratulations!!! That's a really awesome gig, getting your work up on the tube! All the best!

gene-goldstein responds:



2016-02-09 21:33:32

Damn, son, congrats on the gig. Making the big time :3

gene-goldstein responds:

THANKS!! Not quite the big time yet, but I'm working my way up!


2016-02-10 14:58:39

Fun fact, I was in the Nick pitch workshop meeting thing last Friday with you, they said you were there and I was going to talk to you, but actually had no idea what you look like so was unable to. But congrats, your stuff looks sick!

gene-goldstein responds:

Whoa what?! I would have loved to chat! I'm a skinny dude with a tuft of black hair on his head. If you ever see me, feel free to say hi! :D


2016-12-31 01:35:32

What the fuck man I swear so many Newgrounds animator just flew beyond the stars into the far reaches of the galaxy and at the same time I wasn't doing shit.

Well fucking done dude. Wow